Your indicator is very interesting. How do you do this? I have been reading your market predictions for a while. It is very good much of the time.


Forecast Charts for S&P 500 Index

Know In Advance!

weekly forecast released for week starting 7th Nov. 2016

Add the A.I. tools to your arsenal and with the active support of a set of adaptive and responsive indicators under continuous development, you may really trade one step ahead.

No human intervention: numbers in, numbers out. The model correlates dozens and dozens of inputs, keeping track of complexity and interrelationship of modern markets : stock indexes, rates, exchanges, commodities, metals, energy, bonds, econometrics, etc. The project is supported by its subscribers. is a research project dedicated to forecast the S&P 500 index (yes, only SPX on daily, weekly and monthly time frames) using Artificial Intelligence techniques. It's Artificial Intelligence for investors and traders that look for an unbiased pre-view of the market.

SPXBOT Subscription
Subscribers assist to the model development accessing almost all available information from the model’s output, through charts emailed to them
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A New Tool: SuperWeek
Even if Artificial Intelligence is much better than any other analysis tool when it comes to the stock market, a.i.
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What is building up
I’ve learned that trading and investing activity tends to shift to short term, using daily and sub daily time frames.
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EURUSD monthly update
The model has just brewed this chart, that forecast the EURUSD on monthly base: the price, at the moment, is in
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Cyclical DJIA
Without a real schedule, I’m developing the cyclical analysis tool and I have to say that I was surprised from this
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EURUSD update
Even if the unique focus of this site is SPX, I do update occasionally the EURUSD readings, mostly because, as
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The SPX in Elliott’s Soup
The index has passed the correction and has risen to scratch the all times high. What to expect from the
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Subscription discount
I do not want to be taken for a gruff, I just reduced subscription plans for better time management, and
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The spxbot service
More and more I’m convinced that the service that this site offers is more fit for medium to long term
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Simplified subscription: 1 year only
I took the decision to abolish the 6 months subscription and the 6 weeks trial subscription. So, at the moment,
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Artificial Intelligence core explained
It’s not my aim to explain how Artificial Intelligence works and I never tried to, just sometimes I’ve discussed the
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Bars forecast: Channel new indicator
Bars forecast is the most unreliable indicator of the arsenal: it has to see into the future for real, I
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The Dark Side of the Spreadsheet
I have read the following and, again, I thought about the misinterpretation that Artificial Intelligence is going through. Do
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Do we need Artificial Intelligence?
I’m wandering: do we need Artificial Intelligence to recognize that we are in a bull market? When you are inside
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Engine maintenance
Latest days were spent revising the Amodel’s engine. For as simple as neural networks can be ideally, they cannot work
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