The website records the development of r.Virgeel, an artificial intelligence dedicated to the analysis of the S&P 500 stock market index, based on a unique proprietary a.i. model. The development started in early 2013, this website went online in late 2015. It offers daily, weekly and monthly forecasts. After six years of development, the a.i. model, r.Virgeel's brain, is now nicely stable.

r.Virgeel is not a trading system and it is targeted to investors and traders that want an unbiased view of the stock market, without any personal opinion.

The website is now under refurbishment. It will take some time. Be patient, please.



I enjoy your commentary, and look forward to seeing the new model. You have definitely helped me make more money… thanks and hoping for another Christmas rally this year.


What do you get subscribing?



every trading day, in a couple of hours after market close, the next day forecast is online


every Friday, after market close, the next week forecast alert & link is emailed to you


every first of the month, in the morning, the monthly forecast alert & link is emailed to you