We didn’t end quite as high as the model predicted, but the range was right on target.


Forecast Charts for S&P 500 Index

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daily forecast released on 18th July 2016

spxbot.com is a private research project dedicated to forecast the S&P 500 index using Artificial Intelligence techniques. It's Artificial Intelligence for investors and traders that look for an unbiased view of the market. No human intervention, the model crunches the numbers and outputs the forecast. Stock indexes, rates, exchanges, commodities, metals, energy, bonds, econometrics populate the model. The spxbot.com project is supported by its subscribers. With the active support of a set of adaptive and responsive indicators under continuous development, you may really trade one step ahead.

Artificial Intelligence vs. Natural Stupidity
I imagine that many readers interested in the Artificial Intelligence topic are getting used to a very romantic view of
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As you asked
I have received the following questions from a reader and I’m happy to publicly reply, considering that the answers may
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The hidden disorder of the market
Often, you read someone that has the key of the “hidden order” of the markets and is so kind and
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The new Signal indicator /2
Just a few words about the new Signal indicator to show how it is built. Major, Intermediate and Minor highs
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A brand new Signal indicator
Signal was the very first indicator that I developed for the A.I. model: it used to fire a +/- 1
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EURUSD monthly update
Here the forecast chart just brewed by the model, for EURUSD on monthly time frame. At the moment this market
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DJI Cycles update
Without fixed timing, I'm developing a small tool that analyzes market frequencies. It's a fascinating topic. I do not presume
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New tool: the Compass
In latest days I’ve gone through a big issue related to the necessity of interpretation of the data output of
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Does this stock market scares you?
I read an article today that highlights the fact that a lot of investors are scared by this current stock
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Never seen before
In the rising market, you are continuously convinced that a crash is imminent and this is the fuel that makes
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Website refurbishment
Finally online the new spxbot.com! It’s easier, richer and more focused. Subscribers have a brand new landing page for a
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Performance chart update
I know that every new reader of the blog, and older too, has one and just one question to ask:
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RSS feed now available
A new feature is available here at spxbot.com: now the RSS feed is ready to be consumed by your greedy
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S&P 500 in Elliott’s soup
There is a lot of noise in the S&P 500 and it is not easy to maintain the correct attitude.
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EURUSD weekly free
The EUR/USD has reached the target around 1.035 and then reacted. Is this a reaction or the beginning of a
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Long term view in Elliott’s soup
Some major change is happening in world’s disposition, with a new american president coming in role and some european leaders
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A new indicator: Stamina
I’ve added a new indicator to the Artificial Intelligence arsenal of the spxbot model and called it STAMINA. It is
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Week 51 checkout
One week ago the S&P 500 close for today was forecasted at 2288.79 by the Amodel and at 2266.62 by
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