FastTrack indicator is going premium soon

the new FastTrack daily levels for NASDAQ Composite, for tomorrow

The D-FastTrack daily model is ready and it will go premium after next week.

I’m sorry, no more free levels for the short term positions, after next Thursday.

The D-FastTrack is demonstrating a superior performance.

Did you followed the latest 6 weeks of indications? By the end of the week I will prepare a report of the ideal positions of the D-FT on the S&P 500 market and it is really astonishing.



From next Friday the 14th, I will integrate in the daily report for the subscribers the D-FastTrack levels for:

  • S&P 500 (SPX/^GSPC)
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA/^DJI)
  • Nasdaq Composite (^IXIC).

Coming the new year, the D-FastTrack levels will be provided also for

  • the Frankfurt DAX stock index
  • the Shanghai SHC stock index
  • the OIL (WTI) commodity
  • the GOLD commodity

Then, I hope to integrate, as soon as possible, the Tokio N225 stock index, the London FTSE index, the EUR/USD and the US 10Y BOND YIELD (TNX). I still have to check them, but I have some doubts only on EURUSD and TNX, as they represent such  manipulated markets that the indicator may really be confused. Anyway I will try and see if they may be available.

The new One Month subscription plan has been prepared exactly for who is interested in the D-FT trading analysis, from the point of view of a short term or intraday trader. This plan gives you complete access to the website, anyway. No limitations, present or future.

Stay tuned!