Building Wealth

The trader’s activity is not an easy job: it has a survival rate of around 5%. After 12-18 months of activity the trader ends liquidity, crashes her/his life and a new cycle start. Be careful.

So, how to use the market for building personal wealth? First, you must train as a trader.

Open an account on one large and well reputated CFD broker. You may open it with just a few bucks. Now, use the paper trading option on the trading platform to learn to use it and understand well every detail. Also, indagate the markets available (usually, hundreds) and choose your niche. You must be very well informed about your niche of interest. In other words, you need to study.

Try on the paper trading some positions. When you have lost 20%, better rest and change the approach. Every well-done position will tempt you to switch to the real account, but resist. Choose with accuracy your time-frame, it may range from a week to 2 minutes. Do not stick with a single time frame: market waves are better detected at different time scales.

Every trader has its own attitude and set of instruments and, more importantly, its own strategy. Use your paper trading to develop your knowledge and, when your losses on the paper account are not much relevant and you can’t resist anymore, now switch to the real money account.

Use the following money management: every a fixed amount of time (maybe three months?) put a fixed amount of saved money into the account. Never use more than 20% of the account as margin. Your positions will generate small profits and, more importantly, will generate small losses. Stop as soon as you have lost 2% of your initial capital or if you are loosing more than the latest deposit. Return to study.

If everything goes sufficiently well, you will find yourself after six to nine months with an account growing, maybe more from the deposits than from the trading activity, but growing. You are paying for your learning in the real world if you can learn from your mistakes. Every time you get a loss, you must retake the loss like an ant, not like a furious predator. Stay in synchro with the market, as it is an alive organism. Learn to avoid psychological traps, learn to trust your judgment.

After one year, if you are still alive and your account is near or above the deposited amount, you may trade any amount of money.

Personally, I’m experiencing the above since the beginning of 2019: a first deposit of 800 euros, five more of 300 euros each, all amount to 2300 euros. The account is now 2877, dancing.