The Elliott’s Soup Update

As many of you already knows, I use an old desktop version of Advanced Get daily. It’s a great piece of oldware that gets its job done. Very stable. Very useful.

So, let’ have a look at what’s interesting today.

We may see the full scale of the reading, since the bottom at 23rd of march 2020. For the latest bar in the chart, we have a reading of 5,(5),v.

Now, let’s look at the chart more confortably:

We have a clear indication that the final v wave has to develope further, making the target in are 4000 affordable.

Usually, after a 5-(5)-v we have a deeper decline, as the global impulsive strength of the wave has vanished.  We may expect a final short (few bars) wave up to complete the armony of the celestial fields and form the top. A summary evaluation of the subsequent correction may take the form of a wave to 3200 area, as first target.