Elliott’s Wave update

Using a 4 hours chart of the S&P 500 CFD market (24h continuous), it is evident that the market has completed the 1-2 pattern and the 3 wave is starting . The first target is 3133, followed by 2950 (1.618x). If the wave will shows enough impulsive energy, the second target is 2655 (2.618x)   …

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Video by Martin Armstrong

I have to thank this man, again. For two reasons, mainly: first, because his writings were the eye openers to understand the markets and how they work, even after many years of investing activity. Second, because without the “it’s all interconnected” message, I would have not tried to experiment with the artificial intelligence model that …

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Building Wealth

The trader’s activity is not an easy job: it has a survival rate of around 5%. After 12-18 months of activity the trader ends liquidity, crashes her/his life and a new cycle start. Be careful. So, how to use the market for building personal wealth? First, you must train as a trader. Open an account …

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Long Term Checkout

In various previous posts, I’ve stated that the monthly forecast is to take into account as a sort of path tracer, an indication, a generic route for future market action. I tend to consider it in this way, having a much more precise weekly and daily forecasts. Today, I decided to get back to the …

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Subscription issues solved

The issues that were blocking the subscription procedure should have been solved. I invite any new subscriber to signal me any remaining problem if any. I’m sorry for the past inconveniences, it was tricky to detect the cause, but now it should be over.  

Stair Seats

Most of us have a general knowledge of what statistic does: it extracts from data some relevant information about the data itself. What a neural network does is to add a layer of correlation between the data and relate it to the desired output. You must instruct a neural network, before using it. You must …

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As you asked

I have received from a reader: Am planning to take monthly subscription. Before subscribe please let me know below queries. Which platform needed to do trading ? What exactly I get forecasting daily? Any additional analysis i need to know? Before take trade? Will i get entry and exit positions? Will I get text messages …

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Subscribing issues?

Yesterday and today, I encountered, for the first time, a problem with a new subscriber that could not be processed correctly by the subscription procedure. If you want to subscribe and have issues during the procedure (it should be plain and easy), please let me know. This will help me understand where the procedure fails …

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