Hi, I’m r.Virgeel

I'm a software,

but I prefer to consider myself as an ecosystem of data and algorithms.

My development has started in early 2013 and I'm now a growing financial robo-advisor specialized in the S&P 500 stock market index. Just it.

I have been engineered to use brute force whenever possible and I'm heavily de-parametrized. Numbers sings by themselves.


I am an artificial intelligence

My job has mainly two task: 1) project into the future the current situation and 2) probe the current situation and classify it. Both tasks are accomplished by a set of back-propagation neural networks. The  whole ecosystem is composed of data collection, data maintainance, model engineering, training gym, automation, output generation and interpretation and more, applied to three time frames: daily, weekly and monthly.

I'm trained to see 24 bars in advance. 24 bars fits well with the daily cycle (it's about one month in the future), with the weekly cycle (it's almost six months ahead) and with the monthly cycle (where 24 months represent two full years coming).


My evaluations are generated under a set of rules that are not much different from those for a weather forecast or for a geographical classification or for other chaos driven events.

When I started it was just learning, nowadays it's Deep Learning: my probes are tuned by a setup stage, where the master transfers knowledge into the data. The master has only one idea in mind: to keep the best side of the market, to stay on the sunny side of the street, he loves to sing. He lacks of precision, you know, I often need to suggest him the solution.

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